Shoppacart reimagined shopping and now we’ve reimagined Shoppacart to offer you even better value


About Shoppacart

Shoppacart is a foldable personal shopping trolley that will change the way you shop.

Stylish, lightweight, and easy to navigate, it gives you convenient supermarket to pantry shopping without having to use reusable or plastic shopping bags.

Designed to be effortlessly loaded to and from your car, smart folding legs and clever elastic straps protect your vehicle and enable it to fit into all but the smallest boots.

With accessories including a bag hook, cup holder, bulky goods shelf and a phone holder, you can take your shopping to a whole new level.


Save your Health 

Over 50 percent of shared shopping trolleys fail basic hygiene tests, and more than 20 percent of handles are covered with some form of bodily fluids – including saliva.

COVID-19 means that more than ever it’s vital that trolleys are free from bacteria and viruses and the easiest way to ensure this is to have your own personal Shoppacart.

Save Time

No more running around trying to find and return your shopping trolley or loading and unloading bags of shopping into the car.

Shoppacart makes a trip to the shop quicker, easier, and less stressful.

Save the Planet

Embracing the circular economy ethos, Shoppacart is made from mostly recycled materials and shipped in biodegradable packaging.

The trolleys can easily be disassembled and repaired and Shoppacart is committed to keeping spare parts and components reasonably priced and readily available.

Countries around the world are waging war on dumped shopping trolleys that clog water ways and create ugly visual pollution. Encouraging people to have their own personal Shoppacart can help keep communities clean and environmentally friendly.


Accessories are designed to make your life easier and more convenient while improving your shopping experience

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Bulky Goods Shelf

The bulky goods shelf is lightweight, easy to fit and remove, and perfect for those heavy items.

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Cup Holder

Whether you’re a latte lover or prefer an ice-cold bevvy, the cup holder can be fitted anywhere in and around your Shoppacart.

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Phone Holder

Check your shopping list, take a call, or connect with smart shopping technology instore thanks to the Shoppacart smart phone holder.

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Bag Hook

A convenient and practical hanger for your bag while you shop.

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Divider/Safety Compartment

Separate your food items or lay the divider flat to create a safety compartment for your wallet, purse, or keys.

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Shoppacart Mat

Shoppacart is designed to effortlessly enter and exit the boot, but the boot mat is a great companion for those who want a little extra glide.

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Accessories are designed to make your life easier and more convenient while improving your shopping experience

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