Shoppacart reimagined shopping and now we’ve reimagined Shoppacart to offer you even better value


Buy it, unbox it and go

At Shoppacart we are all about making life easier, so doing away with assembly requirements was the natural next step for our smart personal shopping trolley. 

It took some clever thinking and a few modifications at the factory, but Shoppacart is now ready to go from the moment you take it out of the box. 

“We had several customers tell us that the only thing that would make Shoppacart better was to have it arrive pre-assembled,” said founder Jeanne O’Donnell. 

“So that is what we’ve done, and it elevates the convenience to a whole new level.”  

According to Jeanne now the only instructions you need are the helpful tips on easily sliding Shoppacart in and out of the car. 

“It only takes a few practice-runs and getting your personal shopping trolley in and out of the boot becomes second nature,” she said. To see how easy it is to use Shoppacart check out our “How To” video series here.