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Shoppacart lands in the US and Europe

If you thought you had to come to Perth in Western Australia – the world’s most remote city – to buy a Shoppacart, think again.  

Thanks to new distribution partnerships in the US and Europe (EU) Shoppacart is now available locally which makes them more affordable and convenient than ever.  

The Australian designed personal shopping trolley first started attracting international attention when it was featured on the TV program ‘California by Design’.  

It then starred in its own Kickstarter campaign which saw more people outside of Australia keen to invest in the innovative start up.  

As demand started to grow, the US and EU markets were stand outs for initial distribution partnerships.  

While Shoppacart’s clever design and accessories are a big part of its appeal, there’s no doubt its true-blue Aussie pedigree engages international consumers.  

It now joins a long list of successful Australian inventions including spray-on skin, Wi-Fi and the refrigerator. 

Initial Shoppacart purchasers in both the US and Europe have cited convenience as a key attractor.  

However, sustainability and the need for consumers to be more environmentally conscious is also proving to be a strong driver. 

With the US and Europe both chasing ambitious plastic reduction targets, Shoppacart is a practical way to support a plastic bag free shopping experience.