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Big ideas for small living – apartment style

As the global population continues to rise, countries around the world are embracing higher density living.  

In Australia more than 10% of people are living in apartments, according to the 2021 census. 

While apartment life has numerous advantages, such as less maintenance, it isn’t without its challenges.  

Limited storage space, small lifts and reduced kitchen and laundry sizes all provide new trials to the high-rise dweller.  

Finding ways to maximise apartment living has prompted savvy residents to come up with ingenious hacks.  

Some of our favourites include:  

1. In smaller kitchens having plenty of bench space is vital, so to keep your important cooking space clear, hang your utensils on the backsplash and install a magnetic strip to keep your knives sharp and safe.   

2. When it comes to small spaces, mirrors are your best friend. Well placed mirrors can bounce light around a room, making it brighter and helping it feel more spacious. 

3. Use office memo boards from IKEA to create an indoor plant trellis and take your indoor garden to the next level. Place larger plants on the floor, or smaller ones on the side table and your ivy will be climbing the wall in no time.  

While we might be biased, we think Shoppacart is the perfect apartment living hack. 

With a smart design that allows it to be folded compactly into a car or small storage unit, it’s your personal shopping trolley, carpark to apartment transporter and laundry trolley all rolled into one.