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End of the handwritten grocery list 

From apps that check the nutritional content of your grocery list, to ones that make meal planning a breeze, your smart phone is now a must have shopping companion.  

At Shoppacart we’ve been looking at some of the most popular grocery apps and here’s our top three picks. 

1. Mealime curates a personalised meal plan based on your dietary requirements and preferences.  

It makes it super easy to create healthy meals and takes the stress out of on-the-spot decision making at the shops.   

2. Whether you’re organising a big event or a small Sunday afternoon barbeque, Bring! is ideal for shared meal planning.  

With multiple users able to contribute it means you won’t end up with ten potato salads and only one pizza. 

3. Yummly ensures less food waste in your kitchen and will also inspire you to try new recipes.  

Simply take a photo of the food you already have and Yummly will search for recipe ideas that use your available ingredients. Anything extra you may need is automatically added to your shopping list.  

Of course, juggling your phone while pushing a trolley with wobbly wheels makes using the apps at the local supermarket somewhat challenging. 

Unless you have a Shoppacart with a smart phone holder!